The Greatest Team Ever!!


The World Enders are a Rifts (Palladium Books) RPG play group that meets almost every Saturday.  The group started off in a Heroes Unlimited campaign that took place on Pre Rifts Earth.  They were a group of highly trained mercenaries that each possessed one minor super power and operated as a secret special forces unit under NATO.  They were tasked with stopping Super Villian Angus Talmond from acquiring the RINGS OF SANGIN TERN and taking over the world.  Not only did they fail miserably at this task, but some argue that they actually contributed to the end of the pre rifts world.  As a result the group has embraced the super hero team name of “The World Enders”, and has sought out new members on Rifts Earth as they continue to fight against the never ending forces of evil …. or something!




Read all about the original Team Members as well as new comers who have advanced through the ranks of The World Enders Super Hero and Mercenary Team! In addition learn about and pay your respects to our fallen comrades!



Read up on Super Villains and other NPC’s ranging from Angus Talmond, to Little Anna Thompson, to The Lord of The Deep, and Many Many More!



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